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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

Q: How do I buy land?
A: Go to the land you want to buy, right click on the land and then click on About Land. There you need to click on the button Buy Land.

Q: Where do I pay the weekly fee?
A: For each sim there is a payboard. On some of the sims it is located in the middle of the sim. For the other sims it is located in the Atlantis Land Corporation Headoffice on the sim Atlantis City. It is also possible to pay by Paypal.

Q: How do I cancel my land rental?
A: You can cancel it by clicking on the number of your land on the payboard. There you need to cklick the button that you don't renew. If you can't find the button, please contact one of the Estate Managers and let him know that you want to cancel your land. It is important that you cancel your land before it goes overdue or you have to pay for the overdue time.

Q: Which types of land do you offer?
A: We offer Residential Land, Commercial Land and Land for Breedables.

Q: Can I have a shop or club on Residential Land?
A: No, it is not allowed to have a shop or a club on Residential Land.

Q: Can I use the Commercial Land for just living on the land?
A: Yes, that is no problem. Commercial Land can be used for living on the land. As residential use creates less lag as commercial use we have no problem if you use your commercial land for just living.

Q: Can I have a shop or club on Breedables Land?
A: You can have shop on Breedables Land if the shop is breedables related, e.g. a shop where you sell your breedables. Clubs are not allowed on Breedables Land.

Q: Who are the estate managers?
A: The estate managers are Hannibal Kennedy, Restless Roizman, Shimon Brown, Sudidi Surya, Atlantis Merlin and Atlantis Northman. You can contact them ingame.

Q: How do I rent a skybox, beach house or mainland land?
A: Just pay the box outside of the skybox or in front of the beach house or on the mainland land.

Q: How long are you in the land business?
A: We are in the land business since 2005. The name Atlantis Land Corporation exists since 2007.

Q: I have a question which is not answered here. How can I contact you?
A: Just send an e-mail to

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